Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shirts with Attitude

Have you ever been out in public and seen someone wearing a shirt like this? Or do I dare ask if you yourself own such a shirt?

I call these kinds of shirts "attitude shirts" and no I did not coin this phrase. They say some completely ridiculous statement, like the one above, and gives the wearer all the wrong kind of attention. Having "Don't ask! You can't afford me anyway!" written across your chest is not giving off the "I like the nicer things in life" message that the shirt seems to be trying to convey. There are so many shirts with these sayings with attitude on them- for guys and girls. And if you want my real opinion- I think they are absolutely ridiculous. Your shirt may say you are 100% angel, but all I'm seeing is that you have 0% taste. (burn!) haha You don't need your shirts to scream "look at me! I have something to say!" You want people to look at you because you look great and are giving you the kind of attention that you deserve. This will lead to you feeling more confident because people will want to get to know you for the right reasons. It's always better to be more safe than sorry- so I'm thinking that you should keep all of your shirts with sayings either for bed time or throw them away. Burning them is also an acceptable alternative. Don't have your shirt tell the world what you are, but let them have a chance to get to know you. And no- these shirts aren't funny. (In general). And even if they are- that doesn't mean you need to wear them out in public. I would generally stay away from the following types of shirts:

1. Shirts that tell the world how awesome you are- for example the 100% angel one. If you are really that awesome, then you don't need a shirt that says so.

2. Shirts that insult anyone who reads them, such as "You can't spell Stupid without U" or some other ridiculous phrase. They aren't very funny and they just make you seem more unapproachable.

3. Extremely political tee shirts like "Bush sucks!" are also unnecessary. If you are that passionate about politics, start some friendly debates or find others with similar interests as you.

4. Shirts implying that you live a certain kind of lifestyle- such as "This is your boyfriend's shirt"- they just make you look trashy. And we don't want that, now do we?

I'm sure there are other examples, but I'm sure you get the point. Don't let your shirt do the talking. It's tasteless and is not helping anyone in looking or feeling better.

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  1. Hey Grace, I have a question... how do you feel about t-shirts from clubs, theme parks, sports teams, etc? Some kind of souvenir that you're proud to wear and acts as a conversation piece. Are these tasteless??