Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Style with Style

There are many people that are simply opposed to this whole idea of being stylish and fashionable. They usually say that they either don't care about how they look and that people shouldn't judge them (which I disagree with) or that they just don't like the things that are in fashion these days and that it just isn't their style. This is why I'd like to tell everyone out there with that argument that being fashionable or having style doesn't mean that you have to conform to wearing what everyone else is wearing. You can have your own style and yet still be stylish. Are you starting to understand yet? Fashion isn't about wearing stilettos and brand name clothing. It's about wearing clothes that make you look good and as said before- it's about wearing things that fit. Let me give you an example:

This girl has a certain style, as you can see. She obviously likes comfort and for some reason is wearing a ridiculous hat. haha. She looks like a "geek" as some may say. I am not saying being a geek is bad thing- just for the record! But what if she was able to hold onto her "geeky" style and still look good, leading to a more confident life? She might look something more like this:

Call it geek chic if you will. This new girl still holds to the original idea of a similar look as the first one, but pulls it off in a much more refined, good looking way. She doesn't look like the average fashionista, and yet still looks confident, trendy, and chic. See how you can keep to your style while still being stylish? If you aren't one to wear a skirt in public, that's fine. Imagine this same outfit with a great pair of jeans on. Still a great look. Just use your imagination!

Guys- of course this applies to you as well. By adjusting your wardrobe just a little bit, you can make a world of difference. Notice the different between wearing a hoodie this way:

And this way:

Both of these guys are wearing comfortable outfits including a hoodie. One looks so much better than the other though. See what I mean? You don't have to give up your comfy style, or geeky style, or emo style, or whatever style you may have. You can still have style while maintaining your own personal one. By just switching up a few little things you can look and feel better!


  1. Can you write a textbook? Even if it has an occasional fallacy (comparing David Beckham to Random College Dude), I'd read it

  2. haha! That's not a random college dude- it's Jesse Eisenburg playing Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Netowork. Yeah it's a stretch but hey I couldn't fine a better picture!

  3. Yes...and let me recall to mind my favorite headline of all time from a campaign that unfortunately was completely forgettable otherwise: