Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The everlasting search for the perfect JEANS

Something that I'm sure we all struggle with is finding a good pair of jeans. I'm unsure as to why it is so difficult for everyone to find good jeans- especially women. But hey it is! But that doesn't mean we should give up the search and wear jeans that don't make us feel and look our best. I just want to start off by warning all of you against some jeans that are out there. If you own jeans that look like any of the following examples, get rid of them! And get rid of them fast. They aren't doing you, or anyone for that matter, ANY favors. These all go for girls and guys FYI.

Exhibit A: The destroyed Jean
No. They were popular like um I don't know? 5 years ago? But they aren't now. And they shouldn't have been then either. They just look silly and make you look like a slob. If you want to look more refined, sophisticated, and confident, I suggest that wearing destroyed jeans is not the way to do this.

Exhibit B: The over embellished Jean
Also a big no. Jeans are something that should be kept simple. When you have so many embellishments on your jeans, all of the attention is going towards your jeans and not to you. And that's not a good thing because it is most likely negative attention. Guys don't think this let's you off the hook. I have seen many guys wearing jewled jeans with crosses or other "guy" things on them. And they don't look good. Let's keep is simple shall we?

Exhibit C: The cargo/carpenter Jean
I'd say this one is the worst offender of all of these jeans. Because I see SO many (usually guys) wearing them. And they are not ok! Do these jeans look flattering to you? If they do, then you need to relearn the word flattering :) They don't help shape you at all and they are extremely outdated. They are ok if you work at a construction site, or are doing other jobs like painting or wood work. But other than that, let's just not, ok? If your jeans have pockets on the side of the legs, then that is a huge indicator that you should probably get rid of them.

Exhibit D: The Mom (and Dad) Jean
Once again outdated jeans. Do you see how these jeans make these women look slightly pregnant? And how incredibly unflattering they are? The high waisted mom jeans are the worst- so try to avoid them at ALL cost. Even if you are a mom!

Exhibit E: The pajama Jean
haha! Sorry- I just had to. I don't actually know anyone that owns these, but aren't they just awful? At least as jeans they are. Maybe they would make great pajamas...

When buying jeans try to follow a few standards:
1. Buy jeans that are long enough for you. Then they don't give the flood look.
2. Buy jeans that are darker in wash. Not all jeans need to be darker in wash, but if you are wanting a more sophisticated look, it is definitely the way to go.
3. Go for jeans that fit closer to your body. Skinny jeans definitely fit this description, but that doesn't mean you have to buy skinny jeans. Just jeans that fit throughout your thighs at least. And then a simple boot cut works. Anything wider than a boot cut- like a flare isn't very flattering usually.
4. Never settle on a pair of jeans because you are tired of looking for a good pair. Only buy ones that you love and feel good in. It may take longer than you would like, but I know you can find the right pair. Be willing to try different cuts and sizes if you can't seem to find some that fit you correctly.

Happy Jean hunting!


  1. Ha ha nice post Grace, I like it

  2. I'm always shocked everytime I see ripped up jeans on a store rack.

  3. word. a nice pair of dark wash boot cut jeans are where it's at.
    i'm also not a fan of super low rise. def increases the chances of the classic muffin top syndrome or plumbers crack. lol.

  4. The lady in the orange shirt looks like mi madre! hahaahahahahaahahhaaaaa