Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The #1 Rule- Wear clothes that fit!

I'm not sure how much any of you keep up with popular culture/news, but a while back there was a huge controversy over Jessica Simpson gaining a ton of weight, and this picture was the one that was circulating throughout the press.
Now this isn't some rant about how the press shouldn't care whether or not Jessica Simpson gained weight (which they shouldn't by the way), but it's more just an example I'd like to use to show how much wearing clothes that fit matters. A few weeks after this picture started circulating, I happened to be watching Oprah when Jessica was the guest of the day. She talked about this photo and her perceptions of beauty in general. It seems like Jessica has gained a lot of weight from the looks at this picture- but according to her she was only a size 6 in this picture. A size 6! So what I would like to suggest is that perhaps she isn't wearing an outfit that is the most flattering/fits her in the best way.
Fashion is all about fit. Some people are so amazed at how models can somehow pull any look off, even if it isn't the most fashionable or tasteful outfit. I would gather to say it's because the clothes fit them in the way they are intended to be worn. By simply finding clothes that fit you perfectly, you will be well on your way to looking and feeling better!
Now this isn't about having the perfect body type. Instead of wishing that you could change yourself to fit into certain clothes, let's change our mindset, shall we? Let's just find clothes that make our already incredible bodies look as good as they can and should!
Here are a few tips that I would suggest for finding clothes that fit you or getting rid of clothes that don't fit you. Now I'm not perfect- in fact I struggle with some of these tips as well, which is why I'm writing the blog! Because I know that I'm not the only one that struggles with these things.

1. If you find yourself adjusting something on your outfit at all hours of the day, that's a huge clue that you probably shouldn't be wearing it. Wearing something that fits does NOT mean you should be extremely uncomfortable. If you are tugging at your shirt to make it longer, or pulling up the chest line, maybe you should consider that the shirt you are wearing is too small. Just a thought. If you wearing clothes that don't require adjusting all day, then you are already feeling better, aren't you?

2. Accept the size that you are. I often find myself thinking in my head that I am a certain size. So when I go to a store- I only look at that size and that size alone. If I find an awesome pair or pants, and then go to try them on, sometimes I will find that they are a little too small for me. So I either don't buy them, or squeeze into them and buy them anyway. haha. I hope I'm not alone in this! The point is that I shouldn't be afraid to go the next size up- or in some cases down- if that's what will look best on me.

3. If you see something in a store that you think looks SO cute on that model/mannequin, don't be afraid to try it on of course. And yes- you NEED to try on clothes. It has taken me a long time to finally come to this realization, because trust me, I hate trying on clothes as much as the next person. But trying it on is necessary because we all have different body shapes, and perhaps the way it looks on a mannequin will be different from how it will look on you. If you try it on and it hangs differently that you would like, or doesn't look quite as good, but still acceptable, I'm thinking you shouldn't buy it. The reason is that if you don't love how it looks on you in the store, you never will. So remember that- and don't sell yourself short! Hold out for the clothes that you look and feel your absolute best in because as cliche as it sounds, you are worth it!

4. And finally- don't wear clothes that are too big either! Wearing clothes that are too big for you can be just as bad as wearing clothes that are too small for you. They can make you look bigger than you really are, and who wants that, right? Wear clothes that come close to your body, but not uncomfortably skin tight. You are beautiful and should show yourself off.

Those are a few tips that I feel are appropriate for wearing clothes that fit. If you have any questions about your specific body type- let me know and I can either answer them, or guide you in a direction to where you can find answers. The best way to know is if you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. See you next Wednesday!


  1. Grace, this is too true. I have pants that look fine when I am standing straight, but in reality are a little too short - which shows as soon as I walk or sit down. I find myself constantly trying to straighten the hem of the pants, ride them a little lower, or whatever else to make them look the way I want them to. I feel so much more liberated when the pants just fit as they should, and I never think about them except when I walk by a mirror, and I'm reminded just how dang good I really look!

  2. This rule keeps tailors in business. This is why guys who where tailored suits look like men, and like boys in daddy's jacket. Women should also get their clothes fitted. No more dragging pants, hanging sleeves, or baggy blouses. Like Grace says, you'll look and feel so much better!

  3. Love the blog, Grace, keep it up!