Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm baaaaaack, and ready for fall!

I know, I know, I know. I'm horrible. But let's just say that I took a summer vaca from this blog? Shall we? I hope you will all forgive me because I really am ready to throw myself back into this blog. Especially since my favorite season for fashion is coming upon us- FALL! This time of year is the best time of year for shopping. It's the back-to-school/ready for fall time of year and all the stores are full of fabulous fall fashions. Here's why I love Fall- you can dress up different pieces by layering. Layering is such a great thing, especially when Fall is like it is where I'm living. Sometimes the day will start of cold and then warm up and vice versa, so layers are the perfect answer to that. And aside from the practicality, layers just look great as well. This lady looks great for so many reasons. She is layering with a jacket and a scarf. The jacket is a great fallish orange. Just because the weather is starting to cool off doesn't mean you have to start dressing in all blacks and browns! And this is a perfect example of that. Scarves are also a great accessory to keep you warm and make you look great.
Layering works for guys too- as you see this guys has done. He has a great jacket over a cardigan, over a shirt. And it looks great. He could get rid of the jacket or the cardigan and still look great. And notice once again that the cardigan is red- another great fall color.
So as you go and get your back to school or fall shopping done, keep these things in mind. And don't forget to only buy things that you feel amazing in and absolutely love. And of course- buy and wear things that fit! Be on the lookout for more fall fashion blog posts soon!