Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Basics: Part 1

When putting together a wardrobe, you don't have to have a lot of money, but you DO need to have a few basic items to help add to looking great. I want to do a series of posts that I will post here and there describing things to have in your wardrobe. So this is a first post in a series called "The Basics." Makes sense, right?
I want to start the basics discussion with the need for people (women AND men) to have cardigans! I personally love cardigans, and I hope that you all can learn to love them just as much as I do. If you have a simple outfit on, you can easily spice it up with a cute cardigan.
Now this girl may seem a little TOO trendy for you, and that's fine, but the point is just to show how she paired two different patterns. And that it is OK. I will be discussing this concept in a later post-but I just want you to notice it for now. Cardigans go with practically everything. I honestly probably wear one almost every single day of the week. You can dress them up (like the man below) or you can dress them down (like the girl above). And they just really seem to be the perfect accessorizing article of clothing.
One suggestion for ladies is to buy embellished cardigans. Many have flowers, jewels, sequins, etc on them and they add that little extra umph to your look. Old Navy is a great place to find these kinds of cardigans. I'm sure they are available in a lot of other stores, but that is where I find all of mine for a great price. The embellishments add a little feminine touch and putting a cardigan on over your outfit is effortless, so it isn't hard to try and think of something fashionable to wear. And if you are ever so bold (which you should be!) try a cardigan in a bold color- like the guy shown below.
Guys, don't be afraid to wear cardigans. They aren't just for Mr. Rogers and nerds. Notice this great looking guys sporting a bright red cardigan and looking great! They are awesome for keeping you warm during the fall and winter and adding color to your wardrobe. And like I said- you can wear a cardigan like the guy above to dress it up, or even with jeans and it will still look great. Don't be afraid to try it!
So in case you didn't catch it, buy some cardigans!! They are great basics to a fashionable wardrobe and everyone needs to wear and appreciate them more often. Until next time!


  1. I made my first investment in a cardigan just under a month ago. I'll never go back! They are so versatile and classy. They can be challenging to find for men; I know I've spent hours in various malls to find a cardigan I like. If you are a man looking for a cardigan, I would definitely be sure to include EXPRESS and H&M in your search!

    conversation I had this summer:
    christopher: what do you think is sexy?
    me: sweaters.

    True story.

  3. Agreed... I love cardigans and wear them ALL of the time. Belted is way cute too!