Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Basics: Part 2

Yes, I know it's Thursday. Let me just tell you that having a break on President's Day has just entirely thrown off my week. So since we didn't have school on Monday, its really Wednesday today, right? :) I figured better late than never though. So apologies to those of you that thought I would be posting yesterday.

Time for another lesson on a basic article of clothing that we should probably all have in our wardrobe. I'm talking about military jackets. They seriously look great on everyone- no matter what body type they have. And let me tell you why- it's all about STRUCTURE. Clothing with structure is always better that clothing without it. It fits you better- or at least appears to, making you look better. Military inspired jackets come in many different types. I've shown multiple different kinds below. One common thread among them all though are the structured shoulders. They give you a more clean cut look and lead to a more fashionable style.

Notice how this girl is wearing one simply with jeans. Any casual outfit of jeans and a tee can quickly be turned into a high fashion look by simply putting on a structured jacket. It's not hard to put them on, making your ability to look your best that much easier. You can also wear them in a more dressy way as well. They go great with dresses, skirts, dress pants, etc. This also makes them extremely versatile- which is why you NEED one in your wardrobe- if not multiple. I personally own 4 or 5 and I am always on the look out for more.

Military style coats are also great for when its a little colder outside. This girl is wearing a fantastic coat and she looks great. By changing simple things about your wardrobe, you can easily feel better about yourself because you are looking better. Choosing a military jacket or coat over a fleece hoodie or zip up is an excellent example of this. You look good while still remaining warm.

Military jackets are also not gender specific- both guys and girls looks amazing in them. I find that wearing a military jacket always makes me look so much more fashionable than I really am- and that goes for everyone else as well. Whenever I wear one, I get endless compliments on my outfit. If I had been wearing that same outfit without the jacket, I would argue that it would be just an ordinary outfit that most people would overlook.

Military jackets look good on all genders, body types, and for all occasions, whether casual or dressy. They also come in so many different styles, that you can choose one that fits to your personal style while still looking structured and fashionable. They also come in many different fabrics- making them good for all seasons as well. So if you don't already have a jacket or coat of this kind- I strongly suggest getting one if your goal is becoming a better and more fashionable you!


  1. you know, we should just all join the military.

  2. I'm kind of wanting a military jacket now... you should post links to some that you like for sale online : )