Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Tip for Shopping

Sorry- no pictures this week!

Today we are talking about something we all relate to- money. Looking good is not always free, unfortunately, especially since some of us are trying to improve our look and simply don't have the means to do so. Looking good is not about shopping at the most expensive stores. You can find clothes that look good on you anywhere- including thrift stores. To prove my point I'm actually giving myself a challenge- I am going to go buy a fashionable outfit entirely from a thrift store to show you what I mean. I will then take pictures and post them up on this blog. In the mean time, let's discuss this. If something fits you, and makes you feel good about yourself, it doesn't matter where you got it from.

Don't get caught in the trap of thinking that you have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothes at once either. A wardrobe is something that takes time to build up. I have been working on mine for years- literally. When you first start out, buy the basics that will start to give you that refined look. They need to be neutrals so they will go with most everything- at least at first. You also don't need to get into the mindset that you are shopping for an entire outfit when you go out in search of clothing. If you do that, the money really adds up. Look for one item to begin with- whether that be a jacket, a skirt, some shoes, etc. Focus on what you need most to look your best and buy that, without worrying about buying the rest of an outfit. Incorporate pieces into your wardrobe as opposed to outfits. If you do this, you can mix and match, and your wardrobe will naturally be bigger than it would be if you only kept certain items with certain outfits. If you switch up the different pieces enough, you might not have to ever wear the same outfit again! If that is your goal at least... Remember you can have tons of different outfits with different combinations of different pieces that you buy.

Don't let money intimidate you. Save up for specific pieces and have patience. In due time, you will have a fabulous wardrobe that makes you look and feel your best. And don't forget that buying a simple accessory can change an outfit entirely- bringing even more variety into your life. Think outside of the box when it comes to the clothes that you already have- and you might be surprised what you can come up with.

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