Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Springtime advice

Today's post is directed at my female readers. Don't worry guys- a post just for you is coming soon! If you can't tell, I'm really into shoes. At least I find myself blogging about them a lot. I used to be much worse than I am now. But I still love them. So I want to talk about sandals! Especially since its going to be warm outside now, and every girl is going to want to show their feet! Is it too drastic of me to try and dissuade you all to not wear flip flops? They are just so.... not feminine, usually very dirty looking, and just not fashionable. Try wearing something more like this:
They are still flat, so they wont hurt your feet, and yet they are feminine and will help you in looking your best. These look super cute with any spring time or summer outfit. They look great with skirts, dresses, capris, shorts, or even jeans. You really can't go wrong. And if you get them in a neutral color, like the ones above, you can pretty much wear them with whatever color you are wearing. I just bought some sandals from Target that lean away from the flip flop and I love them. They are still comfy, keep my feet cool, and are so cute! They are once again a little detail of your outfit to making you look even more beautiful. And while you have your toes showing- paint your toes a fun color to add more jazz and femininity. And cute sandals are available everywhere, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them!

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  1. ah, I have the hardest time finding sandals that I like